Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What a Waste

I'm at the point now where I know what full feels like. I know if I eat even a little bit more I will be at the point of overfull. I know that I physically do not need anymore more food. Here's my new problem, if you want to call it that.

Let's take tonights supper, for example, shall we? I went to Jason's Deli for supper. I ordered a Philly Wrap (chicken, provolone, onions, low fat honey mustard on wheat wrap). I got steamed veggies as a side. WHAT A FREAKIN' WASTE OF MONEY, FOOD, and TIME!! It was gross. The wrap was not good. The veggies---ugh. NO flavor whatsoever. And now here I am, a half hour later, full but with a bad taste in my mouth. There's a Chinese menu attached to the board in front of me screaming, "order me! Order me!" The old Sarah would. This Sarah even thought about it, but talked myself out of it because I'm not really hungry. But dammit! Grossness should not be allowed when you are only eating one meal at supper time, not two or three like the old Sarah would.

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Laura said...


when that situation happens to me, i brush my teeth and use mouthwash and put a stick of gum in my mouth- totally works for me. I get the flavor out of my mouth. if you are at work get a little pouch for a toothbrush or something-