Thursday, September 24, 2009

5 year old boobie question

Tonight I watched our friends kids. They weren't here more than 5 minutes when Samantha (5 or 6) asked, "why do mommies have boobies?" I explained they need them to feed their babies. She then asked, "why do ladies with no kids have boobies?" How do you explain to a kid that they are needed to help find a man to later have babies?


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Game on.

Less than a year til my 30th birthday and this year is going to be a good one. I'm going to get my shit straight and stop making excuses. I want to be better in my 30s than I was in my 20s. It all starts tomorrow. Meal plans, workouts, organization...everything. As for now, I have to rest up for the big job.

Totally Random

Can someone explain to me a guy's thinking? Being a female at work, I'm very much the minority when it comes to guys. But I have to ask one thing: what is it about, pardon my words, the slutty girls that the guys are always interested in? You know...the way too tight shirt wearing, boob showing, kissy faced looking girls that you can see from a million miles away are no good. Half the time they aren't even cute and who knows if they have a personality. What kills me even more is knowing the guys interested have awesome girlfriends or wives and maybe even kids who are probably at home thinking their perfect boy is at work missing them. I just want to take a 2x4 and smack these guys across the face. Do they have no idea what is at risk? Ugh. Boys.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm on vacation! Finally. It feels like its been years since my break in July. But maybe July wasn't really a good break since we ended up in PA for my grandfathers bypass surgery. I'm off til the 27th and I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself. At first we were going to PA, but that got squashed. I love my family and all but I spent last vacation up there. I want to do something different this time. We were planning on going to NYC for a few days but its damn near impossible to find a decent price on a hotel room. Savannah, Charleston, everywhere.....$, $, $.

Brian's got something up his sleeve now. He said its something we won't go broke over and I will really love it. I already love him because he got me a BJ's birthday cake! Its a few days early, but now I can indulge in it all weekend long. His mom stopped by and dropped off a few gifts for me. I loved every single one of them. Funny how your taste in gifts changes over a decade. When I was 18 I got tickets to an Allman Bros Band concert (which I'd still accept) and a set of shot glasses and Smirnoff vodka. Now, I'm excited about a Takeout Menu Organizer, a tomato keeper, and a spice rack. Can't wait to see what ten years will bring me.....

I think the best birthday gift of all will be my "niece," Onyella. She is the daughter of my best friend Laura and she's expected to meet the world on September 21st. I wouldn't be mad at all if she decided to come out a few days early-----say, the 19th. I can share a day with her. I can't wait to spoil her the way a fake aunt does. I wish so much I could spend more time with Laura and soon to be Onyella. Maybe this will make me stop complaining about the drive and head north more often than I do. What's four hours anyway? Hell, I've sat in traffic longer than that on my way to work! Laura and I have gone through thick and thin since we were 13. I can't wait to have the priveledge of meeting her daughter. That and I'll finally have someone to buy all those cutsie outfits I see in the stores!!