Thursday, July 30, 2009

For the first time.....

I did NOT go over my points today. It was definitely not easy, but I did it, and now I feel pretty good that I accomplished something. Who knew I could be completely satisfied tonight with a head of butter lettuce, some light thousand island dressing and a lean cuisine pizza. It was wonderful.

I better have a few more days like that. Today I ran a car accident where I had to get in the vehicle while they were still cutting the guy out. Yeah, well, I couldn't get my firegirl costume to fully close. And I pray no one was videotaping the wiggling I had to do to get the pants up over my behind. Ugh.

Needless to say, I'm joining the gym tomorrow. The girl I worked with today (and will on Monday) made a deal with me. If we both go to the gym at least 2 times over the weekend we can share either the warm toffee cake or the ice cream bowl made of chocolate chip cookies (yes, I did say a chocolate chip cookie BOWL)the local restaurant offers down the street. Oh, and she wants to do PT too. I thought she would be a bad influence on me. Ok, maybe the chocolate chip bowl isn't the best of motivators, but it just might work!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Went to my meeting.

Up 3.6 pounds. Now 206, but I've had a good day today and spent WAY too much money at Safeway stocking up on good stuff to eat.


Brian joined a gym today. He wants me to go with him at 5:30p, but I'm not ready. Not like I don't want to go eventually, but I'm not ready to just jump on it this second. I still need to visit the place myself on my own terms. I have to really think about the benefits to the gym. I know the exercise benefits, but will I go if the ride is 20 minutes away? Will I be wasting my money? I'm so out of shape right now, I'm going to start with some walking DVD's at home (if I can find them). I am looking forward to working out with some weights, but I just have to find the best place for me. It just might not be the same place as Brian. I have a day to myself tomorrow. I think that will be my perusing day. Today I'm trying to organize this place. There's piles of mail everywhere and I'm finding all kinds of bills that need paid. So, as I watch my bank accounts dwindle away, I'm also cleaning up. At least I'm making some progress.

After a week of bad WW journaling (ok, no journaling) I'm back on track. I'm having a hard time with the early AM eating and the night time eating. I have too much in the morning and I end up with no points left at the end of the day. Today I think I spread it out pretty well. I don't want to go to my meeting tonight because I know I gained since my first weigh in, but I probably could use it.

Yeah for Pop!!

Pop's home already!! Sounds like he's doing well. Latest email from my dad:

Dad was discharged today around 2 pm. He is home resting comfortably, but chomping at the bit to get moving. Prior to discharge a dietician came in and spent time with him. The bigger issue we will have is sticking to a diet, not so much for the heart, but sugar. They were more concerned about that. Much of what she cover I was familiar with so for the time being, he has to chart all his meals and do sugar readings 4x a day to see where he really is. In our discussion he was honest about testing, his junk food, donuts, etc. Much of what was covered Linda can reinforce or explain. I really don’t think there has to be a radical life style change. Same for the cardiac stuff, no salt, watch the red meat, etc., exercise, etc. He's ok to walk ¼ mile 2x a day – so over Hudson Street if ok…. Other than that, he has a follow up I think on August 10 with the surgeon and has to get a chest x-ray before the visit there.

I missed it…. I went for the car, but the nurse came in and were hugging him and were crying and BILL CRIED! A Polaroid moment and I missed it. I will continue to monitor his progress. I even made a deal with him that I would follow his diet as a buddy…. and it will do me good too.
Thanks for all your concern and help through this. I am glad it turned out well.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Less than four days after his surgery, Pop will be coming home tomorrow. Below is the latest update from my dad.

Looks like Dad will be coming home tomorrow. He is totaled “disconnected” ( wires and other contraptions) and without O2. He is free to walk as much as he wants and has been “running” laps around the 8th floor, commenting on others who has surgery before him or those ½ his age that are shuffling about. The DR told him he should be good to go Monday around noon. He really looks good, has great color, something that was missing for a long time. Biggest concern will be slowing him down.


I'm not going to kid you and say this vacation has been the one everyone dreams about taking, but it was nice nonetheless.

Of course, our main goal for heading north was my grandfathers surgery. Bella and Brandon asked to go with us. At first I was hesitant, because what would we do if Pop died during surgery? They were so excited at the thought of possibly going to my parents, we decided to bring them along.

Wednesday we left around lunch and got to my parents house in time for supper. This doesn't sound nice, but everyone called that meal, "The Last Supper." Before you think we're morbid people, Pop came up with it. My mom has been making supper for my grandparents every night since he came home from his catherization. My dad's side of the family came to my parents and we dined on an awesome roast beef meal my mom made. She made it in the crock-pot which now makes me want to pull mine back out and start using it more.

Thursday, Pop headed to the hospital super early in the morning. We waited to leave the house til we had some word on Pop's condition. Once we heard he came out of his surgery wonderfully (3 blockages repaired) we headed out. My sister went with Brian, I, and the kids for lunch and then Claws N Paws, a local animal park. It really was a lot of fun. It was the perfect size, the perfect price and they had some really cool animals. Bella and Brandon loved feeding the goats, my sister was a fan of any cat type animal, the llama enjoyed whispering in my ear, and we all enjoyed the monkeys playing together and swinging around. We were supposed to go to a local parade/carnival, but it was raining and we all were a little worn out so we spent the night at my parents. I, however, ended up at the local ER for my poison ivy or whatever it is. It seemed like all of a sudden it worsened. Talk about different than what I'm used to, this place only had 8 rooms, 6 occupied by non-serious patients, and it still took 2 1/2 hours for me to be seen. I left there after midnight with a couple of prescriptions and a steroid shot in the ass.

Friday, we packaged everyone up and again went out for lunch. My mom and her friend had a stand at an arts and crafts show at a park 2 blocks from Pop's hospital. We were nice and fed mom and her friend, and that's where Miss Bella became famous. Right next to mom's spot was a face painter. Bella was getting her face painted when a newspaper photographer came over and started snapping away. He got her information from Brian and the next day we got an early phonecall from my Nana saying Bella was in the newspaper. She was excited, to say the least. She even went as far as to say she'd autograph newspapers. Ladyfest brings fun and resources for local women - News - The Times-Tribune

After leaving the festival, we went to the hospital to visit Pop. He looked great. I swear it was the first time in probably three years that he had good color in his cheeks. He said he felt great. I'm glad everything went well. By 5pm Friday, we were done. Nana and my uncle stopped by for a while and then it was bedtime for everyone.

Saturday we were trying to surprise the kids by stopping at an amusement park on the way back to MD. Of course, we sat in traffic for an hour so that plan got squashed. Luckily the kids didn't know about it, so there was no whining or anything. And they seemed just as excited about going to Cracker Barrel for lunch. The ride home was long, but I think all of us were happy to be back in town.

How did we spend the rest of our vacation night? Like anyone would. In Wal-Mart. We went there to get my Prednisone filled, which I had to wait 40 minutes for. A monstrous storm passed through so we weren't heading back outside. We stopped in the eye department just to be stupid and look at glasses and somehow we ended up each getting an eye exam. Gotta love Wal-Mart.

Today, we're being lazy bums. I'm still wondering when I'll stop this damn itching. But for now, I'll be grateful that I'm in my house and not in some firehouse like I should be if I wasn't on vacation.

This was my first "family" trip where the focus was 'what can we do with the kids?' and not Brian and I going out on a whim. I was a little upset that I didn't get to see my friends Laura and Karen while I was there, but its hard scheduling when there are kids involved. Brian said it was a good family vacation because we never never got to relax. As long as the kids had a good time thats all that matters.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good news

Surgery went better and was shorter than expected. Pop was back to normal and will be going home tomorrow barring any issues arising overnight. Sounds like he's going to go on with his previously schedule open heart surgery on Thursday, so Brian and I will go up then. The doctor said he'll be back to normal within 3 months post-op.

Groundhog year?

A year ago it was my Grampy. Now its my Pop.

My grandfather has been feeling run down lately so he went for a bunch of testing and the doctor felt he'd benefit from a heart catherization. That procedure was done this AM where five blockages were found. The plan was to bring him back next Thursday for bypass surgery, but during his cath recovery, he ended up with no pulses in one leg, so he's going back into surgery at some point today to fix that problem. Now they want to move up his heart surgery so it can all be done in one hospital stay.

I'll be headed north to visit tonight. Brian may or may not be coming with since he's at work right now. I'm confident Pop will be okay, but its this type of visit that always makes me a little nervous. You never know what could happen. I don't want my last memory of a family member to be as it was with Grampy. I don't want to see someone in a hospital bed, not themselves, again.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I found my soap box

If you have a kid, put them in a car seat or a booster seat while in the car. In my mind its child abuse and negligence. I don't know if laws agree with me, but after seeing the outcome of a child who was sitting on mom's lap during an accident, it should be. Kids heads and dashboards don't mesh well together. Either does a brain if the skull is broken.

Something to complain about

Its hard to be good at work. 24 hours of being stressed and tired and all I want is a snack. I thought I was doing good yesterday by getting an eggbeater omelet with low fat cheddar and onions. That was until I got back to the firehouse and there were potatoes and a biscuit snuck in the container as well. Ugh. Yeah, I ate them, even though I shoulda tossed them when I found them. For lunch I got tuna from Subway....on purpose. Its higher in points but it usually keeps me full longer. But 8 or 9pm rolled around and we needed something quick so we ended up at a pizza place where I had two slices before going on another call. I was good after that though. No snacking. I guess I'm proud of myself for not giving into snacking and for putting some thought, albeit probably not good, into what I was going to eat. And, I only had two slices of pizza even though I'm capable (and usually endulge in) more than two. Today I sort of combined my breakfast and lunch knowing I would sleep through lunch. Supper....its supposed to be at home, which is fine, but Bella wants to go to a carnival tonight. I'm sure there will be no temptation there, especially when there is an article in the local paper all about how good the fries are there. Yeah, right. I guess if WW was easy no one would have anything to complain about to their friends.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I love accents

I went to a WW meeting last night. I'm very happy with it. The leader is from Argentina and has the cutest accent. From my little time with her, I can tell she takes people's weight loss adventure seriously. She sends out newsletters and supposedly has a blog which I haven't found yet. At my weigh in she told me she'd get me to goal. I hope so.

I have a little bit of frustration, and I'm sure some of it is my fault. I feel like no one takes my mission seriously. And its probably because I started and stopped a million times over the past two years. But little jokes about it really get to me. I don't need someone to be all "there, there, Sarah" on me but my meetings and times on the computer at this point is just about as important as it is for an alcoholic to go to meetings every day. I have enough power to make my own decisions, but, using the AA meetings again, it wouldn't make much sense to joke about their attempts to stay clean. My addiction and my comfort is food.

I'm going to get to lifetime. I'm going to meetings to see my new Argentinian friend and use her emails, newsletters, blog, and support to get me there.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


This place has given me a whole new definition of housework. What I would give right now to a canister of Endust, a rag, and a broom and make that my day of housework.

I'd say we unpacked about 90% of our boxes. That's definitely cleared up some space, but trying to find homes for everything inside the boxes is more of a challenge. It's coming along though. The girls room is pretty much all done. Brandon's room got new carpeting two days ago and his loft bed has been put together. Taylor hasn't been here yet, but the other two absolutely love their rooms. Brandon's still needs some paint on the walls and decorating to complete his military themed room, but at least he's not sleeping on a matress on a linoleum floor anymore. Our furniture came which made a world of difference in our bedroom. We love it. Plus the bed has lights under the frame which I thought was stupid at first, but works as a great non-overpowering night light when one of us goes to bed long before the other. A few pictures need to be hung, but that's about it. The bathrooms need painting and decorating but there's no rush on that. Lord knows, after Shelley cleaned them for us, they've got to be the cleanest bathrooms in our block. I've never known anyone to spend so many hours cleaning such a little space! Jokes aside, we're very appreciative she did that for us. I'm sure being a mom, she's happy to know our butts are on clean toilets.

We're having our kitchen cabinets refaced. Right now they are painted two different colors of paint. The problem was the floor, cabinets, countertops and backsplash all were the same color. We considered repainting, but decided we wanted something more permanent and with less maintenance. So, Sears will be updating our kitchen. Its a little pricier than I hoped, but its something we knew from the first day we saw the house we'd be looking into.

Brian conveniently contracted poison ivy again, so I've been left with the task of pulling out all the weeds, trees, bushes, and vines out of the back yard. Not the easiest task being its on the side of a steep hill. From above it looks like it will take no time at all to pull everything out. Kinda like our thinking of packing the house --- should only take a few hours....ha. Anyway, I worked on it yesterday and for another hour today. Although progress has definitely been made, now I sit back and know I've got at least 2-4 more hours of just pulling stuff out. Ugh.

We met our neighbor, living under our deck.....Meow Meow. He was curled up in a bush when I was cleaning out the brush meowing his head off. The neighbors said he hangs out under our deck. Bri and I fed him and of course, now we're his new best friends.

We spent the evening with our neighbors. I think we'll be just fine with them. We definitely had a good time.

One wk down, many more to go.

Down 1.2 lb!! I can't complain about that. I feel good about it. Little achievements like that snap me back to reality reminding me if I try, the loss will come. The scale says I only lost 1.2, but I "feel" differently. I gotta say, with the move and all, my APs have increased 100%. I wasn't charting them, but I know I was earning them with all the up and down the stairs, box carries, and furniture moves. I feel more toned and less flabby. And the boobs....yeah they're staying in the bra like they're supposed to, not overflowing.

This week I'm going to try to cut back even more, if I can. Like today, Brian and I had steak & cheese subs. Instead of eating 12" of roll, I consolidated and put all the meat on a 6" roll. The sub was definitely more enjoyable since it felt overstuffed. I've been leaving fries behind left and right. I have more doggy bags in my fridge than ever before in my life.

So, to end, I'm not going to say I hope it continues. I'm going to finish with its going to continue and I'll let you know next Wednesday what my loss is for the week.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm trying....

Really I am. This is hard. And it sucks. Ok, so I'm not going to lie and say I've jumped back into WW with two feet. I think just the toes on my right foot have made it in so far. I'm not complaining though. I knew this wasn't going to be easy. I'm making progress or maybe better decisions. Today I had my new favorite frozen breakfast---Jimmy Dean's D-light breakfast bowl with turkey sausage. Its a good portion, tastes good, and is 5 points. My partner and I never made it back to the firehouse so I could eat the lunch I brought so we ended up at Panera. I didn't make the best choice in sandwiches, but the one I chose I only ate 3/4 of it instead of all of it plus dessert. Speaking of desert, no dessert was had. I walked outta there with just my glass of tea.

I eat when I'm tired. I'm tired. I was tired when I was driving home from work. Before I made the drive north, I visited Brian who told me to eat at home, not out. Rarely do I listen to him, but I did. The cats and I had our own little 4th of July cookout. I splurged and had 2 hotdogs--probably should have skipped at least one roll--and chips. Since its a pretty big holiday I had a 1/2 c of chocolate moose tracks ice cream. (Like how I justified it with being the holiday??) I'm plenty of points overboard, but its MUCH better than it could have, or usually is. Tomorrow's another day and I'm going to try to do one more "better decision" than I did today.

Until then, no fireworks for me. I'm a sleepy girl and its going to be an early night. Happy 4th to all! Be safe.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not fun anymore?

Why does it feel like blogging isn't fun anymore? I used to hop on the computer in a hurry to check out my reader but now....well, no one blogs anymore. Which makes me feel like no one reads anymore and I don't feel like typing. I never realized how much support I had from these blogs and some, now, haven't been updated in months. I know I should just look for others to read, but its hard to find the really entertaining ones like I used to read. So, either I gotta get searching or everyone needs to get typing!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why, hello there!

Hi. I am, in fact, still alive. Its been a crazy few weeks, but all of it has been so worth it.

Brian's brother, sister-in-law, and their kids came to MD for an extended trip and we had the pleasure of having them stay at our house for two days. Unfortunately for them, they spent those two days amongst piles of boxes and various other, well, crap. That aside, I know our kids had a blast having them around, and I hope their kids felt the same.

We made a big family trip (Brian's brother and sister and their families and a family friend and her kids) to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA. If you ever get the chance, I'd suggest going. Its the perfect sized the time the kids will start whining you'll be at the end of the park. There's even some sort of promotion where you can do Hershey Park one day and Dutch Wonderland the next. Anyway, its the perfect size and had plenty to do and rides that fit every age.

The following day we went back to PA to attend Brian's cousin's wedding. Our kids didn't make it because they had to spend the other half of Father's Day with their grandfathers, but all the other kiddo's made it. They had a blast....all of them danced their butts off. I tried, but my butt is still here. :)

Ugh. Then moving day. I can't complain. It was a LOT of hard work, but Brian and I accomplished packing and loading the truck without a fight. That, in itself, is amazing. I got to all my settlements on Friday and ended up at the new place to find Brian and his parents already at work. My parents came around 5. Their help was definitely most appreciated. We got everything in the house and then it seemed like it would never get organized, but it did. Bella and Brandon showed up and were totally into helping us offload the truck and unpack. I was very surprised.

Our neighbors are great. Very entertaining. I don't know that we'll be buddy-buddy with them, but its definitely a big change from the other neighborhoods I've lived in since moving to MD. This place is like a vacation house. Go outback on one of the two decks and there's a beautiful view of the lake and the ducks. Out front, there's nothing like sitting on the steps under a huge shade tree watching kids run around. Speaking of kids, we're so happy because it seems every house has kids. And they are of all ages so everyone will have a playmate.

We already hosted our first cookout with Brian's sister and family. I have to say, it went very well. The kitchen is working out wonderfully. The deck is perfect for socializing. We get our living room and bedroom furniture today, so hopefully those two rooms will look more finished. Maybe then, I'll find my clothes once they are in drawers. Right now, they are strewn about the bedroom. It took me 4 days to find my flip flops. It was very interesting to find out that Brian left all of my capris, pants, etc., in the car still parked at the old house. Trying to find something to wear on my bottom half was a bit tricky for a few days.

I know you've all been wondering. The Abs Diet isn't working. The theory behind it I get. The problem is I don't know when to stop. Nibbles don't make me feel full....but add up all those nibbles and its not pretty. I meant to go to a meeting this morning, but I slept through it. I am journaling everything online, though. Anyone else having problems pulling up their points tracker? The current weight? 206.3. How did I let that happen? What happened to the 170s I used to complain about.