Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 1

I'm not going to lie. I ate things I really wasn't looking forward to today. Like for a snack before bed, a sourdough Wasa cracker and string cheese wasn't exactly what I had in mind. But, I gotta say I'm not searching for anything to eat now. With the exception of the one craving around 930pm, I've had a good day. And honestly, that craving was more of a schedule thing than hunger. I'm a little nervous about work tomorrow. I'm working 12 hours plus its Friday, which means no meat because of Lent. I just have to keep reminding myself it is really all a mind game. I'm obviously not starving.

Upgrading to Version 2.0

Wow. Thats all I can say after my two hour visit with my dietitian. I figured the session would show me how to measure food and eat this not that, but this lady is on a mission. She claims she'll have me lose weight and get me off my prescription medicines. She told me I'm a medical mess. Not one of those medical messes that are about to die but the ones that outwardly look okay and doctors find nothing life threatening wrong so they kinda rush you out the door as they collect your co-pay. She explained how my PCOS was tied into my digestive issues from a year or so ago which ties into my issues with sleep and so on.

The long and short of it? Starting this morning I've done a 180. Because the root of most of my problems is hormone based, I have to eat clean. That means I'm going to be one of those hippies at Trader Joe's eating only organic food. She explained my body has enough hormone issues on its own---it doesn't need hormones from every other animal out there adding to the mess. She even suggests I use organic makeup, sunscreen and lotion. She's put me on a diet where I can eat more proteins (4-6 oz per meal) with a healthy fat and "certain" carbohydrates. She feels my gut issues may be related to wheat sensitivity.

She says the "average" person can benefit from eating wheat products instead of white. Thats what I thought, so all this time I traded white in for wheat. Come to find out, I'm not average, so I have a sensitivity to it which actually causes more issues. So, for the first time I had spelt bread. I was hesitant but graciously surprised that I liked it.

Theres lots more to it that I'll just leave out because I'm sure you really don't care. But I can honestly say I'm two meals in and I'm not hungry one bit. Actually, I couldn't even finish all of my lunch. I'm pretty excited about it. Plus I like that the dietitian was "excited" about me---she told me I'm a challenge for her. She sounds like me. I like challenges. I'm up for one.

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Me--Version 1.5

I'm finding out my physical therapy workout sessions (which are no joke--leave me sweaty and out of breath) are tailored for my body, my workout ability, and my goals. The generic workouts that were suggested to me in the past just don't work for me. In fact, they hurt me more. Now, I'm feeling (not yet seeing) progress and I look forward to these workouts now instead of finding excuses to avoid them.

With my "new me" for 2010 goal, I've scheduled an appointment to see a nutritionist/dietitian on Wednesday afternoon. I want to be healthier overall. I want someone to sit down and really analyze the food/drink I'm putting in my body and show me what is better for me, not the "average" person. I want that tailored program. I want to reach my goals and have someone follow me along the way.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Working it off

I earned 6 APs today! Go me!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

We're alive after Snowmeggedon 2010!

Its been a while......

Well. Where to start? Snow. Lots of it. We got hit with two blizzards in one week!! I'll have to post some pictures. Its been crazy around here. I love it, to be honest. I grew up with snow so I'm used to it. Maryland/DC? Not so much. People are aggravating me, but its not really their fault. They don't get snow like this normally, so its definitely a shock to them. People start walking in the middle of the street because there are no sidewalks shoveled. Three lane roads only have one plowed.Its all part of the experience, I guess. Definitely something we'll remember for a long time.

I started going to a chiropractor. She's great. She's confirming so many things that hurt me. Guess that sounds funny, but she's giving reason as to why things hurt me and we're working on reversing them. The best? She told me which exercises to completely avoid because they WILL hurt me (because of my sacrum issues and hourglass body shape). Which ones? Treadmill with incline, elliptical, bike riding (unless recumbent), lunges, stairmills or step machines. All the things I was doing at the gym off and on over the years and caused me so much pain I refused to go back. So, we're starting a workout plan now. I need to walk on flat surfaces/treadmills when working out. I can do the recumbent bike. I should walk backwards on the treadmill. I can workout with light weights for my upper body but can't do lunges or anything for a while until she feels I'm ready. She told me I'll feel like I'm doing nothing, which is why I avoided those things. I feel like I'm cheating if I'm sitting down in a chair and riding a bike. But, she said if I do that stuff for 45-60 minutes I'll get results.

And results, I hope I get. I've been reading a lot about PCOS lately. They say although its harder to lose the weight, the benefits are even greater. Apparently symptoms worsen with the more weight that is carried, increasing chances for diabetes. Another reason to lose? Increases my chances of having a baby. Yep....we're talking a baby. Nothing anytime soon, because I know its going to be a process, but I've read women with PCOS that lose the weight greatly increase the chances of getting pregnant. And if IVF is needed, it increases the chances the pregnancy will take. There is a pretty good chance I'd need to do IVF, so with the $ and stress involved with that, I want to be sure I do what I have to in order to be successful.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Back to normal.

I'm back to normal, finally. It felt like it took forever to get out of vacation mode! I've been doing really well with my eating, even at work the other day. I'm supposed to weigh in Thursday, which I'm looking forward to. I've lost all the weight I gained on the cruise and I'm hoping for a little extra. Just gotta keep myself on track.....