Monday, September 29, 2008


I am still here, just not too incredibly motivated to blog. Some day when I have a good chunk of time on my hands and I'm feeling better I will tell you all about the nose surgery and recovery (ugh), my parents in town, and if I remember I will finally post the kitty pictures.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Our quest to eat right

Brian's now on a quest to eat better, too. He's been faithfully going to the gym for a few weeks now but isn't seeing the results he wants. I, on the other hand, haven't been going to the gym, so I don't see results either. We know we have to combine good eating with exercise but its not as easy as it seems when you're stuck in your old habits. Like today, Brian suggested we go to Heavenly Ham for lunch. Seems easy enough and a good choice. Lean lunchmeats on yummy bread. Oh, except have you seen their nutritional information lately? Yeah, so all these attempts I've been making of eating turkey subs instead of getting something fried when eating out....I'd probably be better off getting the fried chicken tenders. Most of the sandwiches at Heavenly Ham have upwards of 700+ plus calories, about 40-50 grams of fat, and only 1-2 grams of fiber. I think if I used my points calculator that would end up being a high number. Ugh. And to think when I ate out I was making decisions that I thought were better for me.

Today we are trying to have salads for lunch. Unfortunately, my "at home" salads never taste as good as if they came from somewhere else. Now, after reading that nutritional info from Heavenly Ham, I'm fearful of what restaurant salads would end up being points wise. I'm trying to stay on track, really. Its just harder than I thought some days. Anyone know of good salads that are points friendly from restaurants?

Nose job is tomorrow.

Ok, so its not a real nose job but it sounds a whole lot cooler than "septoplasty with inferior turbinate reduction." Its been postponed to 1030am so that means I get a few extra hours of sleep. I was supposed to be at the hospital by 640am, but now don't have to be until 9.

Now I'm on a mission to figure out things to eat for the next week or two. After reviewing my post-op paperwork, I can only eat soft foods for the first week. I figured that anyway, because if this surgery even remotely feels like my last broken nose did, then there's no way in hell I will even want me teeth to touch.

Brian's mom is making me matzo ball soup and I have mashed potatoes on request as well. But I want to have stuff that makes me feel like I'm eating more than just snacks throughout the day. I'm not a good sick person. I hate Jello and my soup intake is quite limited. I was thinking I want mashed cauliflower so I get some veggies in. Any suggestions? I'd be screwed if I ever broke my jaw or something. I'd have to start pureeing pizza.

He did good!!

As I posted earlier, I knew Brian was up to something. I thought I had it all figured out. Maybe not down to specifics but enough that I knew he was up to something. Boy, was I wrong.

Thursday, I had lunch with Brian's mom at a really good restaurant in Timonium. A few hours later, Brian called me and told me I had to be at the gym by 7pm. What? I can barely walk (thanks to my first BodyPump class Wednesday in which I was unable to get in and out of a car or sit, stand, well, anything that involves any muscle use until Sunday....) and you want me to go to the gym? Are you nuts? He insisted I be there by 7pm and go to the spa. Huh. He's up to something. He scheduled me a massage. It was wonderful. It was 30 minutes so we only did the upper half of my body. That probably was a good choice because I don't know that I could handle her rubbing my still quivering leg muscles. Afterwards we went for a bite to eat and headed over to Target because the gift card I got from Brian's parents was starting to burn a whole in my pocket. (Thank you, Brian and Shelley, it will most definitely be put to good use.) Side note, Brian and I got Eddie Bauer water bottles which are freakin' awesome. Its amazing how I actually want to drink the water out of them.

Ok, back to the story. Friday morning, Brian got up before me. At some point he left four cards in the bed. Three were from the kids and one was from Brian. It was addressed to "Birthday Girl" and said something along the lines of, "No surprise party. No Amicci's. Pack your bags, we're going on a surprise weekend getaway!" Dammit. I never saw that coming. I was excited to say the least. The only thing I knew was that we were going someplace "cool" temperature wise. I'm always freezing, so trying to figure out what to pack for a weekend when you have no idea where you are going is a little tough. Eventually we were all packed up and started driving west. On the way, Brian read every street sign on the way there. "Maybe we're going to Turf Valley. Maybe we're going to Frederick. Maybe we're going to Charles Town. Maybe we're going to Harrisburg." He could tell I was getting aggravated and loved every minute of it.

A little after 4pm, we pulled up to the Old Waterstreet Inn in the historic section of Winchester, VA. It was a very nice house. Brian chose the Cortland Room for our stay because it was the only room with a porch off it. We had some wine and cheese prior to us going for my birthday supper. We walked to the Pedestrian Mall on Loudon Street (a street only for those walking) which is filled with boutiques, cafes, restaurants, storefronts, etc. We ate at Violino Ristorante Italiano. It was a quaint Italian place owned and run by a family from Northern Italy. We had calamari after hearing good things about it from our Innkeeper. Compliments of the chef, we had a zucchini tart and then our main meal. It was fantastic. I decided to stay on the safe side and order lasagna. Its nothing at all like the lasagna your grandmother makes. This was different. The pasta was green and thin. The meat was delicious....oh, the whole plate was wonderful. I wasn't able to finish it all, but I wish I had a little pocket somewhere that I could have stashed it for the next time I got hungry. (Now, I want to go to Italy on a trip.) The waitress came back to offer us dessert. I'm not a huge fan of Italian desserts, plus I was full to the gills, so I declined. Brian did as well. The waitress asked if there was anything not on the menu they could make me instead? Are you kidding? Who does that? Very nice of them, but I was stuffed. A few minutes later I turned around and the chef and his wife were standing next to me singing me Happy Birthday with a profiterole with chocolate gelato, chocolate sauce and a candle. Maybe I've turned sentimental lately, but for some reason it actually meant a lot that the Chef came out to sing to me, not send a bunch of clapping waiters/waitresses who hate singing to sing to me. Of course, even though I was stuffed I found space for it. It was again, delicious. After that meal, we were full and worn out so we went back to the Inn and chatted a while over wine before going to bed.

The next day, after breakfast, we went to an Apple Harvest Festival. That was supposed to be a short walk to get there. It wasn't. And it was multiplied by the fact my legs and ass still felt like they were going to fall off thanks to BodyPump. It was a cute festival. There were lots of craft vendors and food. Brian was excited about seeing all kinds of apple pies and I think was disappointed he wasn't going to be able to try any of them. We stopped for some lunch on the walk back and ended up back at the Inn for a nap. That night was a blast. We went to a bar called Sweet Caroline's. They had fun bartenders, a really great 80's tribute band and tons of friendly people. We actually met three girls that tried to talk us into moving there. For some reason Brian gave my cell number to the one girl. I'm not sure why. I'm still waiting to call. Maybe she doesn't want to look to eager to talk to me so she's giving it the "three days, I'm not desperate" time before she calls me. Ha! I think she may have found herself a boyfriend that night anyway.

We left Sunday AM after breakfast. The remainder of the day was pretty much uneventful, but relaxing. I have to say this was one of the best birthday presents I've ever gotten and I am extremely impressed that he was able to keep it a secret, yet lead me on that there was something else planned. (Actually, that concerns me a little that he could lie that well even though I knew he was up to something.)

Thank you, Brian. I loved it!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Its my birthday...

and I'm going on a surprise trip to I don't know where for the weekend!! :0)

Monday, September 15, 2008

I had motivation

but I screwed it up. Brian worked overtime tonight, but went to the gym earlier this morning. I figured after he left I should probably go and workout myself. (I still haven't in a long time...) I got my ass out of the bed (we napped before he went to work) and I got some gym clothes on, packed a clean-up bag and went downstairs. I figured I'd look to see what studio BodyPump was in and that's when I noticed Brian was right. He told me the class was at 6pm. Just like he told me his cycling class was at 9am, when it was really at 930. In the afternoon, I looked at the calendar and I swear it said 630pm. I have no idea where I got that from, but there was no way I was going to make it there in ten minutes. So I didn't go. The schedule for tomorrow shows a class at 6am. I'm more motivated than normal, but I don't think that motivated. I don't know why this gym thing is such a hard step for me. Hell, I used to be the girl always running around playing basketball or soccer or hell anything that had to do with athletics. Now I'm this girl who probably spends more energy coming up with excuses not to go than if I just went and got it over with.

I'm headed to weigh in tomorrow AM. I don't really know what to expect. I guess I'll be about the same. I haven't been counting points but I have definitely turned down some things I normally would have eaten. Like my Subway choice Sunday and tonight I opted for a turkey sub instead of pizza or KFC potato wedges that I really wanted. I've drank LOTS more water. I even counted my waters. I think I'm short one but I think I can squeeze that in tonight before bed. The downfall of that was I was up peeing all damn night. Now I remember why I don't drink water.

I guess I should go be a little more productive before I go to bed. Laundry's being done, but the garbage needs to be taken around. Ugh, Monday night is the day I really miss Brian when he's not here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


All the years I've done WW, I've been told I need a symbol to remind me why I'm on the plan. Handed out by different leaders have been doublemint gum (I don't remember the symbolism of that one), a marble for my pocket so everytime I put my hand in my pocket I remember to eat good (I should have put my hands in my pocket more often), amongst others. I think this afternoon I found the best symbol of all. Guys probably won't understand, but its when lunch time rolls around and its 90 degrees out and your wearing a dress. The symbol? The friction from your thighs rubbing together. I thought I could start a fire. But, it reminded me I have to lose those thighs so instead of ended up at some fast food place and getting chicken fingers and fries, I hauled butt over to Subway for a turkey sub, apples, and water. I did still have a craving after all that food, so I tried for the first time the Whitman's WW English Toffee square. A bit on the small side but it takes so long to chew the toffee that after the two bites it takes to eat it the craving is pretty much over.

I'm trying to be good. I'm not going to lie and say I've been on plan like I said I was going to be. I fell off that wagon when I went to PA for my grandfather's funeral. Then I used the excuse of "I'm studying for the Lt exam." I think I've run out of excuses. I know I have to get on track. I still have to get to the optimum weight for my physical at work in November or December.

So, I've been good today. I'm hoping I can stay on track most of the week. My birthday is on Friday and Brian told me to stash points away for it. All he's told me (which might be a little too much) was that what we're doing will make me happy even if I'm in a crappy mood and there will be BJ's cake, which leads me to believe there will be multiple people there because BJ's doesn't make small cakes. He's been talking about going to Amicci's in Little Italy way too much so I'm sure that ties in somewhere too. I honestly am not even searching for clues but if he doesn't shut his mouth soon, I'm going to figure out whats going on.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Note to Sydney and Ryan

Dear Sydney and Ryan,

Thank you so much for the birthday card and the little gift you snuck in as well. I'm glad you guys know me so well---that coupon will be put to good use on something I absolutely love.

Aunt Sarah

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let's celebrate

I'm a dork. Brian wanted to take me out last night to celebrate passing my exam. We went back and forth about where we were going to go, who has the best drink specials, who has the best bartenders and finally decided to go to Bill Bateman's. We sat down at the bar, each ordered a drink and some appetizers. After finishing my drink the bartender asked if I wanted another and I told her I'd wait a bit. She offered a soda and I graciously accepted a delicious Diet Pepsi. We finished eating and then I said, "I want to leave. I want to go to the library." What!? Did I just say that out loud? The library? Yes, yes I did.

Brian was all for it. (We must both be dorks.) My celebration that night was to go to the library and get books that had nothing to do with supervising or policies that we don't even follow at work. We came home and I think I was asleep by 10 or 1030. It was a good night. (I must be getting old.)

Today I had a few appointments. One where I found out wonderful news----my medicine causes my appetite to decrease. That's awesome. I noticed I haven't been eating as much. Like the other day when my supper consisted of a small piece of brownie. And some milk---I needed some dairy. Or yesterday at the bar when the thought of things I normally love repulsed me. Now, don't get me wrong I had no problem finishing off some crab dip and curly fries, but my normal favorite of chicken just didn't do it for me. Wanting pizza every few hours is a thing of the past. Even as I type this, I know I should eat something because its past supper time but I have no idea what. Hopefully this will benefit me in the WW department. The doctor also told me with my new dose of medicine I will be more active and actually want to go to the gym. We'll see. I hope so. I do kinda have the urge to walk. Brian doesn't like me going around new neighborhoods by myself so I'm thinking I may go to the mall or something. (Good excuse to go to the mall, huh?)

So, now I'm sitting here bored out of my mind. I have nothing I have to do. And because of that I'm going half crazy.

The cats are doing well. They are getting along well and Mattingly now hides in our boxspring all the time. (The fabric was ripped from my dogs when I had them.) She sleeps in a piece of fabric that is still connected to the frame like its her personal hammock. I hate to tell her sooner or later she is probably going to be a little fatty and she's not going to fit on that little piece of fabric.

Ok, I've decided to go to the mall for an hour or two and burn off some steam. Then I'll have a few hours to read before bed. I have a feeling I'm going to be bored out of my mind tomorrow. But, that's okay. Tomorrow is my last shift until October 8th!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This one will be short and sweet.

I passed my Lt. exam! Now, we're off for a drink. And maybe the library so I can eventually read a book that doesn't have to do with supervision or policies we don't follow at work.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just call us Mommy and Daddy!

We didn't mention it to a lot of people but we adopted a new baby girl. Her name is Mattie. She's adorable as all babies are. She looks so peaceful when she's sleeping. We can't wait for the kids to meet her this weekend. We didn't say anything to them about it just in case it didn't work out, but it did. And come Saturday they are going to be so surprised....I can't wait.

Oh, wait. Did I mention our baby girl is a kitty? Oh yeah. She's our beautiful little furball. We adopted her last night. We decided to get her because Baxter's not always so pleasant with the kids. He doesn't want to play and he's not fond of them petting him. The kids always complain they want a pet that likes them. I had a rough time deciding if we should get one. We've been talking about it for months now. But we have officially ruled out a dog for the next few years so the cat was a winner.

Last night was a little rough at their introduction. There was hours of hissing and puffy tails, but by this afternoon they were playing together. Right now Baxter is chasing her up and down the stairs. I think they'll get along just fine. Baxter is acting all motherly, watching her every move. I'm just scared the cat is going to fall through the steps (we have open "Brady Bunch" steps going upstairs). As for the kids we aren't telling them anything til they find Mattie on their own.

Mattie got her name because we thought she was going to be a boy. Brian and I decided to name the boy cat Mattingly after my grandfather and his NY Yankees nickname. So, even though she's a girl, we still named her Mattingly, but we call her Mattie, too.

I'm so tired of studying. I should be doing more than I have been but I'm getting so bored doing it. I have tonight, tomorrow at work and Tuesday to finish. After that its game over. The test is Wednesday morning.

I weighed in last week, but I definitely haven't been counting points until today. I've been good so far today. I do so much better when I cook. Its just hard to get motivated some days to cook when there are so many good places to eat around here. Tonight I made a really awesome chicken. Its a WW recipe---skillet BBQ chicken. It was super easy. It was chicken breast brushed with BBQ sauce and topped with shredded pepperjack cheese, real bacon bits, and chopped green onions. It was only 6 points. Brian really liked it too. Its one of those meals you can't wait til it tomorrow at lunch time so you can eat it again. If anyone wants the recipe, let me know.

Ok, enough procrastination. I have got to get back to studying. :(

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I lied again.

Ok, I lied. I'm not going to BodyPump. But not because I'm chickening out, but because they have no power. Brian went to cycling this morning and just when they were about to finish, the power went out. He's going to call in a half hour or so to see if they got power back. He still may go. I am not. Brian and I decided it's probably best for me to stay home and study for a few hours today.

I found out that as of 8am today, there are only four people taking the Lieutenant exam next week. Initially it was 13, but for one reason or another, nine are no longer taking it. At first I was taking the test just because. Then I was disgruntled and wanted to take the test so that I wasn't supervised by inadequate people. Now that I have a good partner, I'm starting to rethink it all. I only have four years working for the department which means if I get promoted I will be an officer for the next sixteen years and no more riding on medic units. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that. Not being an officer part but the giving up the medic unit part. Part of me just wants to take the test for experience purposes and if I fail, I fail. But now, with only four people taking it, I don't want to fail for pure embarrassment reasons. The test is in eight days. I figure I'll put in a few good days of studying and whatever happens, happens. Unfortunately (or fortunately) me being who I am, I can't just half-ass it.

I went to a new WW meeting today. I really just went to the meeting closest to me because I felt I should weigh in since I haven't in a few weeks (up 2.2 lbs, which I'm okay with after last weeks events and spending a few days eating deliciousness in PA). I normally just weigh in there and leave because I don't like the leader. I walked in and there was no receptionist so I was asked if I could weigh in after the meeting. Ok, I'll stay. I'm glad I did. Today started the first day of a new leader, Wendy. I really liked her. So, now I'm thinking about transferring my paperwork over since its closer to home and I won't mind staying for meetings with Wendy. Plus there is a girl in the meeting that started today that I think I could be friends with. Sounds weird. I feel like I'm trying to ask her out on a date or something. Ha! But she was the only one my age and from listening to her talk she sounds like we have similar personalities. I'll give it a few weeks then see if she lives close by. It would be nice to have a walking buddy or something. (No wonder guys get stressed out about asking a girl out! :) )

We worked on the patio last night and it turned out great. We planted flowers in our new flower beds, pulled up old stuff in the big flower bed and planted new things. We now are the proud owners of a blueberry bush and a raspberry tree (or bush?). I love fresh blueberries for pancakes and baked stuff and Brian loves raspberries. We think the kids will enjoy picking them next year. I just hope they don't die before then. I will post pictures of that later, along with pictures of Brian, Bella, Brandon and I at the Renaissance Festival this weekend.

Monday, September 1, 2008


1PM. BodyPump. I'm really going.