Thursday, October 29, 2009

New cars

Brian and both got new cars today.

Instead of having three cars between the two of us and car payments going towards cars with over 105K miles on them, we decided to consolidate: sell or trade in my Honda as well as his Pontiac, and purchase a new car. Brian recently got a part time job as a fire investigator so his Pontiac wasn't exactly practical to carry around his tools and what have you for the position. So, he decided the Pathfinder would be perfect for him. We weren't planning on buying a car today, just because we didn't know exactly what vehicle we wanted. We went to Carmax to sell my Honda and ended up coming home with a 2007 Mazda CX7 Grand Touring. We love it. Its AWD which we wanted for the snow we'll be getting at the new place. Its super comfy inside---leather heated seats and plenty of room for my purposes. The mileage is better than the Pathfinder. With Brian's new job, he'll be getting paid for his mileage so that will help with fuel costs. Plus we like the way it looks. Its used, obviously. I don't see the point in buying a new car. It only has a little over 16K miles on it, so it should last quite a while. Most importantly its going to save us money. I know overall we'll be paying money because we have a car note, but between what I was paying and what he was paying this car note will be $200-300 a month less. Plus, since there is a warranty on it, we won't have to dump money into it like we already were with the Honda and Pontiac. All we have to do now is sell the Pontiac which should happen next week and we're all set.

Here is a site that will show you what the car looks like and its review/specs. The car is Chrystal Pearl White.

Brian's on board too

Well, Brian's on board with this lose weight thing. He received new long sleeve uniform shirts for work the other day and said they were a little snug. Instead of spending more $$ buying new stuff, he said he'll try losing a few pounds. I hope that helps. I mean I hope his shirt will be more comfortable but I also hope it helps me be good instead of giving in to temptation.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tiny problem

I'm a bit stressed and frustrated and would love to do a happy hour with Brian. Problem? Day two of WW journaling. Sucks utilizing those flex points so early in the week, if needed.

BTW, anyone know the points value of egg and cheese bagel from McDonald's? I can't find it on WW's or McDonald's site.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is why I QUIT WW everytime....

I'm having a super duper want to eat everything in the kitchen moment and I'm trying to type my way through it. This is horrible. This is my first day actually trying on WW because I lied nothing really panned out last week with it. I ate shit for the last 2 days and the trainer guy from work finds me everyday and wants to know how things are going. Ummmm, how do I say "exactly the same as yesterday" in a more positive "look I'm doing stuff but I'm really lying I'm still eating crap" way? What? Pizza. I love pizza you know. It is past lunch time and thats my problem, I think I waited too long. Now I've near ravenous.

My little Curly-Q

Laura's baby Onyella. I wish we were closer so I could see her in person!! The hair is way too cute.....definitely looks like her daddy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No wonder I haven't been losing....

logged in my food for today so far. I have 0.5 left for today. Supper should be delicious!! :) lmao.

I'm being a copycat.

Amy joined WW at work today. I'm very proud of her, although I didn't know she had anything to lose!! Its hard to make that first step. Trust me, I've made that first step so many times I don't think I can call it first step anymore. Its hard to swallow that you need a little help with things sometimes.

I think I posted about utilizing the wellness/fitness guy from work to help me with working out. It worked for week 1. Week 2 was horrible. I did nothing. Part of it was my laziness. The other part was my schedule. I worked an extra shift then after a few of a my regular shifts I didn't go straight home like normal. I never realized just how much that would affect my life. Its been horrible. Week 3: well, lets say half and half. I've put more into it than before, but I still could have tried harder. I got a lot more workouts in (we have Wii Fit Plus now and I'm a super hula-hooper), but my food choices haven't been good. Its like I get one side of things figured out and the other just slacks. Bill told me to eat 400 calorie meals 4 times a day. Yeah, so I learned I haven't mastered how much food is 400 calories. I lost a little bit, but nothing much.

Between Missy losing and doing awesome at her triathlon and Amy's joining WW I've decided to try it again. I'm not signing up for the meetings. I've learned from multiple attempts before that once I miss one weekly meeting, I miss two and the trend continues. With my job I WILL miss one or two meetings a month. I'm not even putting myself into the position of missing. But I'm going to try to online only version. My weigh ins are on Monday. For years, it was about the way I looked. Now, its about my health. I got the official speech from the doctor last week. "You might be pre-diabetic." Then he said, "you're obese." Actually the phrase he used was, "you're not bad in the face/neck, but you're middle is obese and your bottom.....well, you know." What? I know? I wish I had some witty comment back, but I had nothing.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

So PROUD!!!!

It hasn't been easy, but look at the progress my girl Missy has made. I'm sooooo proud of her. I'm even more proud of her because today she completed her first triathlon. You rock girl!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A year ago.....

I just looked back at my blog from a year ago. I was complaining about my weight being 178 pounds. Never would have thought a year later I'd be 30 pounds heavier. I can't believe I complained about that!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I might need a prostate exam.

Ohhh, was I tired yesterday and most of today.

Tired + Me= eating unnecisary junk

I swear, when I'm really, been awake for 24 hours or more tired, I eat. I'm not the least bit hungry. I feel like crap afterward (is it afterward or afterwards? I never can remember....) with a belly ache, pants too tight, bloated like a kid from Ethiopa. The sad part is most of the time I don't even know I'm doing it. Yesterday it was a blueberry muffin, a glazed donut and strawberry milk. That was supposed to be my "pick at" snack all shift and the donut was for today. It worked out to be the "meal" I ate while talking to my Major at the dinner table. It wasn't till I was cleaning up my spot that I realized I just downed a 3" sub, some chips, a donut and a muffin with my milk. I'm not going to dwell on it because tomorrow is another day. I'd like to say today was another day but I skipped breakfast for a staff meeting at 8am and ended up sitting next to Brian and his shift partners at Chipotle with a delicious fajita burrito in my hands at lunch time. I'm moving on but its frustrating having that issue. Why can't I just be tired and crave water or something?

By the way, drinking water sucks. I very much increased my water intake and now I feel like an old man with a prostate problem when I go to sleep. I'd actually consider a catheter for bedtime.

I've been doing these pre-movement stretches Bill (the guy from work helping me) told me to do. I feel like an absolute fool doing them because I'm so awkward, but they do feel so good while I'm doing them. I walked around the circle out front of the house for 30 minutes the night before last. I gotta say, that was a good workout. Its about 1/4 mile around and there's a pretty good hill in the middle of the circle so it changes things up a little bit. I really need to work on a little more intense workout. Tomorrow I'll look into something more. I love that sore feeling the next day. I love the uniform pants that allow breathing even more!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Top 10

1. I gave myself one week of eating better. It turned into two. Tomorrow will be the beginning of week three.

2. After my one week of eating better I decided it was time to get help. I'm using our FREE trainer/wellness guy from work to help me get in shape and healthy.

3. I'm so excited because I poop everyday now.

4. I grab water before Diet Pepsi's now.

5. I eat vegetables and try new things.

6. I'm wearing jeans today. I can breath, even with them zipped up.

7. I've lost over 9 pounds so far.

8. I'm scared I'll go on a binge, but I think that fear may keep me from doing it.

9. My uniform last night was comfortable.

10. I'm not going to say it out loud, but this time its going to work.