Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Holy salt!

I started using to track what I eat. Its free, is similiar to WW Etools, but has better breakdowns of your daily food consumption. I like that its based off calories and not point. Saying you only have 6 points left for a day sounds so much more negative than hearing you have 350 calories left for the day.

As I was saying, I love their breakdowns. I get a few pie charts showing the calories broken down by the foods I ate. Then, it breaks down further into fat, calories, cholesterol, sodium, protein, sugars....basically whatever it is you want to monitor. I've been doing good on the calories and fat portions but not so much on the sodium. Like range is between 500-2300. My consumption? 5440. No wonder I've always got edema in my legs and feel bloated like a deer on the side of the road. I'm not sure how to go about lowering my sodium, but I think I should try something.

Overall, I'm a big fan of the website. I actually look forward to journaling my foods. It has turned into a game for much food can I eat and stay within my calorie range? Like I said, similiar to WW, but the bigger numbers make me more comfortable

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I can't believe I'm posting this publicly,

but Christy was right. I needed a change. My symbolic treadmill was getting tired of spinning round and round, as was I. There's lots of things I can't change in my life, but on the other hand there is plenty of stuff out there I can do something about.

I've had lots of heart to hearts with people lately and realized I was blind to all the support that has been in front of my face the whole time. With the help of a few couple good friends, I'm ready to make a lifestyle change. Its no longer about the weight. Its about being healthy. Its about being more social even if its uncomfortable. Its about letting someone else help you even if its you who is usually handing out assistance.

I'm grateful to those people who gave me a reality check. I'm grateful to Brian for being supportive in his own little way, even if its not how I "wish" it would be. I needed a kick in the butt and I'm hoping this, as it was so nicely put to me, is my "ah, fuck it," moment. Its time to speak up for me and work on these projects to better me and my family.

There might even be a dog in the future....I need a walking buddy!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I feel....

like I'm running on a treadmill and not getting anywhere.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3 blind mice

So. Its hot and humid; a typical DC summer day. Everyone's nasty and quite honestly smells a little. We have the privilege of wearing navy blue polyester uniforms. My concern of the day is to not have those lovely polyester pants catch fire and melt to me from the friction of my thighs rubbing together.

Sixteen hours into the shift we're called to a house for a possible suicide. The police clear the scene (thank you Rick) and we go in. I have never smelled the smell I smelt. (Say that 3 times fast.) It was a combination of cat pee, probably some human pee, general funk, and some sort of food being cooked. Goat perhaps. As I enter I notice the floors are carpeted and stained. Good, good, found the source of the smell. Then I hear the scream. I move a little closer, peek over the couch and see this guy flopping purposefully like a fish on the floor speaking in some language I don't speak. Sometimes he throws in a, "I'm going to kill myself," line hence the call for the suicide. He starts kicking the engine crew and then spits on one of them. Yeah. NOT cool. Everyone kept their cool. No one spit back. I had my partner check his sugar and it was 43. (Too low.) After some sugar paste my man's back to normal. So, like we usually do after someones sugar is corrected after being low we stand there and stare at them for ten minutes while they eat something substantial This guy was no different. It usually ends up being anywhere from two to ten people in an awkward room not really saying much. While I was trying to iron out the plan of if the guy was going or not to the hospital I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye. I played it off. I have new glasses and sometimes I think I see things on the sides, but its really just the frames or something. I took a step back, looked at the ground and there it went again, along the side of my sneaker. I turned to the Captain of the engine and asked, "Was that just a....," as he was shaking his head yes. "Are you f*&(&*) kidding me?" was my next question. Captain got a big grin on his face and says a blunt, "no." At that point, I could care less about the patient and if he wants to go to the ER. (He was in the process of eating cereal, he could care less.) I started looking everywhere, trying to find a chair to stand on or a table or anything would have done. You see, everyone else was wearing pants, I had shorts on. So I was freaking out even more because I've already thought through the mouse was going to come back and crawl up my leg or something. (I had a great imagination as a kid.) There was this nasty twin bed on the floor kind of propped up against the TV stand. That's where mouse #2 ran came hauling ass out. "I gotta get out of here," I told the Capt. He laughed and told me to go he'd get the guy outside. 'Crap,' I thought as I was leaving. Everyone put their bags on the floor. You can never put equipment bags on the floor. The roaches that were making the walls and rug move in the house love to find new homes. Now, I'm freaking out even more. I mean serious on the very of an anxiety attack freak out. But, I'm trying to be professional because, well, I get paid to do so. I grit my teeth went in the hall way and cooled off. Oh, did I mention there was no AC in the stinky funky apartment? Nothing like stench and humidity. I'm standing there on the landing and watched the roaches crawl out of the apartment across the hall, walk straight and enter the apartment where our patient was.

If you haven't figured out yet, I don't do bugs. No way, no how, nothing. Ask Brian, I'm a freak about roaches. If I ever found one in this house we'd probably move. I'm itchy thinking about it. Do you know they are the only things that would survive a nuclear bomb?! Nasty!

I felt guilty leaving the Captain in there so I returned. He asked why I was there and I told him I felt bad leaving him in there by himself. He looked down at the floor and mouse #3 sauntered by. I look at the Capt and said, "I'll be outside." In the meantime my man on the cot starts screaming he wants to kill himself. His sugar was dropping again. I started with the oral sugar paste, because no way in hell was I going to try to restrain a floppy man with roaches in his pockets. For all I know he brought a mouse friend in his bag.

Those mice look so cute in the cartoons and kids movies but real life...not so cute! Oh, and so what does Bastard cat decide to do today? Get off his lazy ass and start playing with mice toys. While I was napping, he brought one of his toys up on the bed. Real funny, Bastard, real funny.

I earned APs. Or did I?

I had a much needed vent session/motivation speaker session the other night with a good friend of mine. I had a good cry (by myself), went to sleep and woke up a different person. I decided I was going to try to move as much as I can. If I'm going to sit and play on the computer or take a nap, I am making myself start another project to see if I'm really tired and need the nap or if I'm just bored.

I was super motivated at work yesterday. (Or, Midol has some sort of crack in it and I should take it every 6 hours.) I got there early, started checking my equipment, washed the ambulance, swept the bay floors, vacuumed, did paperwork and got 25 minutes of elliptical time in before we started running calls. Awesome, right? Sarah's moving around and that's what she needs if she's going to lose--movement. (Don't ask why I'm talking in 3rd person. Well, I guess its because I'm having this conversation with myself right now.) I wasn't tired when I normally nap. I got up at 430am to go to work and didn't end up going to sleep til 430am this morning. Talk about a long day.

After a few hours of sleep at work, I was ready for home. On the way, I can say I was honestly looking forward to journaling. I knew I was probably over in points because I had snacks when I was tired around 230am. (I'm choosing better---90 cal granola bars instead of Dunkin know....theres nothing like the smell of DD at 230am.) Moreso, I wanted to add up my APs for the day. I bust my ass all day....I wanted those APs I earned.

Then I got home. I journaled, leaving the APs for last because its was going to be awesome. Kinda like saving the icing on the cake. Talk about a bubble being popped. 3 points. THREE points?! That wasn't quite the number that was floating around my head. Reviewing the activity breakdown of the day really showed me what I did all day. I really didn't do as much as I thought. I'm not really disappointed though. I ate less. I ate better. I gained APs. I realized just how much of a load I am otherwise and all the opportunities in every day life I have to burn a little extra.

Whats tomorrow's plan? Shhhh..don't tell Brian. I might try the gym. He thinks its bonding. I think he's invading my space. I get so "into" my workouts I don't want anyone talking to me or blowing kisses or "can't wait to see you laters." I just want to concentrate on working out, shower, a little me time in the car singing songs and then we can bond. Its kinda like waking up in the morning. I have my routine. He has his. I'm not a morning person, unlike Bri. He gets mad when I smack his hand for changing the channels on the way into work. Thats what he gets for breaking my routine. I love him with all my heart, but really....this time around its Sarah time and Brian time seperately. Learn to embrace it. Lord knows I do. Tangents.........

Thursday, August 6, 2009


While everyone is grieving over possible child molester Jackson, I'll sit in my little corner of the world and shed a tear for this little girl. Maybe it's part of the Dr. Doolittle genes I've acquired from my mom.

Fire Survivor 'Sam' the Koala Dies in Surgery - Australia | New Zealand | Indonesia | Map -

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Creepy Crawlers

Thats what I feel is whats on my skin. First it was poison ivy and now we're pretty sure I'm allergic to laundry detergent. I've got a few facebook responses from people suggesting all natural detergents. I'm hesitant to try, for no real reason I guess. Part of it is the cost. I don't want to dump a lot of money into something if its not going to work. At the same time, I'd like to stop itching and maybe even be nice to Mother Earth for a change.

Brian started using Green Works cleaning sprays and is convinced its the best bathroom cleaner out there. Thats something still bought at the grocery store. I'm having a hard time buying online....

Anyone have suggestions?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Week 3

I really have nothing to report because I didn't going to my meeting. Instead I was at work actually doing the tasks of my new position. Gotta was awesome. I still have a lot of things to learn and have to work out a routine so everything gets done in a timely manner. But as far as being a supervisor, well, lets just say I can't believe I stressed out so much about it. Everything kind of seemed to fall into place. The only major issue I ran into was finding my way around that area of the county. While I was at work I called Brian and told him to find my credit card and order a GPS for me. They have TomToms in the cars, but unless you know the city and I think the mayors name, it can't find the address. It was frustrating. Regardless, I enjoyed it and look forward to doing it again. Whenever that will be. Staffing still sucks so we're squashing OT left and right meaning we're not doing our actual supervisory jobs. Ugh, whatever. As long as I keep getting a check every two weeks I can deal.

Back to my meeting. I didn't go. I did, however, weigh myself in the bathroom and according to my scale I lost .8 pounds. Not a huge loss, but its better than a gain. So far yesterday and today I've been really good about not overdoing it. Honestly, as soon as I'm done posting I'm going to do a DVD workout which I haven't done in MONTHS!! I have to start introducing some exercise in here. I said I was going to go to the gym, but I never made it. Seriously, I ran out of time as I had to head north again for Laura's shower.

Maybe you shouldn't snoop

While I was reading some Post Secrets I came across this one and thought it was awesome:

My husband installed a medicine cabinet with a false top in our bathroom. Every time we have someone over to our house for the first time, we remove everything that's in the cabinet and fill it with ping pong balls. We know which of our friends are secret snoops when we hear all the ping pongs balls crashing all over!