Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pennsylvania or Kansas?

They say if it rains on your wedding day its good luck. So what does it mean when there is a tornado?

I was running late getting to Laura's house but figured I would be there by 715. I took the most direct route to her house only to find the road was closed because if downed trees. I took another road to find that was closed too. I ended up having to backtrack and take myself a half hour in the other direction to get to where I wanted to be only to find out a tornado ripped through the area. I got to Laura's and found chairs piled up in the front lawn. People were driving away. Apparently, the storm ripped down the tent just as they were putting the finishing touches to the tables. They married in Laura's living room, which I missed. The reception was moved to a local restaurant. The food was delicious-and I did well. Half my plate was cucumber salad and lettuce salad and the rest was ziti and some lasagna stuff. I did have three Mrs Ts pierogies too and four mini meatballs. I had no cake but did have two small Hershey kiss cookies.

So its been more of an adventure than I planned on. I'm back at the hotel now to find I forgot something to sleep in. I have HUGE issues with sleeping in beds other than mine so I'm usually dressed head to toe when I stay somewhere. There is no way I'm sleeping naked so I sporting the dress I wore to the wedding with white socks. Sexy, I tell you. No wonder Brian wants to marry me. With this get up he surely doesn't have to worry about someone knocking down my door. LOL.

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