Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I want to delete everything after 6pm.

New problem: Supper Time.

Ugh, if I'm not eating between 530-600p, I'm a mess. Yesterday my schedule was all messed up because I met friends at Melting Pot for D's "pre-chemo girls night out." I have to say, I was hesitant to go for a number of reasons. It was going to screw up my sleep schedule that I've be vigiliant about sticking to the night before work. In addition, I wouldn't eat supper until closer to 8pm. Both things happened. I didn't even get home til after 11pm and got in bed around midnight. My food got screwed up because of the late eating. I don't think it would have been that bad if we skipped dessert, but I guess what is the point in going to Melting Pot if you aren't going to eat dessert. Secondly, I toyed with the thought of not going to help me out. The more I thought of it, though, if God forbid something should happen to D, I'd NEVER forgive myself for not taking the opportunity to go out with her. So I decided I could inconvenience my life for her because Lord knows her entire life is about to be inconvienced. She is 27 and will be getting a masectomy the first week in August. After that, she will begin chemo. She said her hair will start to fall out between 7-10 days after she begins treatment.

Today I'm at work. I have this wonderful cooler filled with goodies and I stuck to eating what was inside for lunch and breakfast. I didn't bring it with me this afternoon on the medic unit assuming I'd be back around suppertime so I'd be fine. Well, at 545p, we're still sitting at the shop getting our AC fixed. Add the fact that I was tired and that made for a bad combination. Instead of eating the meatloaf and mashed potatoes I brought, I ended up next door at the local BBQ place eating pork BBQ sandwich (minus the bun), a little thingy of cole slaw, a few forkfuls (I really don't know how much but I know I threw most of it away) of mac and cheese and maybe 6 steak fries. I was so angry with myself after. Granted, I did tell Brian I didn't really want my supper -- I didn't plan it out well because I had a leftover burger for lunch and meatloaf is so similar....but still, thats no excuse.

As for tomorrow's events? Counseling bright and early. And Brian's coming with....

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